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Our brands

  • Fermada

    Lighting systems based on LED technology have begun to be preferred over standard lighting in recent years due to their energy efficiency advantage. What is important here is not only the quality of the LED chip, but also the development of high quality, cost effective and efficient products as a whole system from the driver. Our LED lighting...

  • Desinia

    As a new but steady name in the small home appliances industry, DESINIA is a brand of YMB brand, which is a company under A Group Corporations, provide solutions which makes you feel the safety and taste of healthy products in your kitchen, with its advanced products specialized in brewing tea and coffee conveniently. DESINIA aims to have the...

  • Smb Cnc

    Our company, which has been working in the white goods sector for many years, has aimed to specialize in small home appliances concepts with Estia brand by combining the experience of our team formed in R & D center. In the first stage we designed our Keyf-i Dem product, which was a pure porcelain tea maker, and brought it to market. We are...

  • Smb Motor

    One of the important studies in the R & D center is to develop and produce permanent magnet synchronous motors in order to make designs of these motors which have an important design and production deficit in our country and to produce new products and to work in the direction of eliminating defects in our country. As a matter of fact, the...

  • Smb Led Driver

    Turkey's first LED driver with TSE certificate has been designed and developed in the current metal R & D center and presented its own branded fermada products as well as the market for use in other LED luminaires on the market. We manage our engineering and manufacturing activities with the aim of offering the best quality fiasco that...