Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems Team works on electric motor drives, industrial control systems and intelligent systems. It offers services on system architecture design, modular system design, embedded hardware design, embedded software design, development of control algorithms, GUI design, subsystem integration, debugging and testing. It also has experience and knowledge of smart mobile apps for Android and IOS. All products are compatible with EMC and EMI, and have passed all immunity tests. Black box, white box, regulation, immunity etc. It has experience in tests. For customers, they are preparing prototype of the electronic design and ultimately producing all-in-all solutions.

Language and programs used:

• C and C ++ to develop embedded software,  

• GUI applications for C #, Java, Phyton, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS,

• Mentor PADS for schematic and PCB drawings

A few projects related to the work areas:

• Industrial Electric Motor Drivers

• Elevator Motor Driver

• Remote monitoring and control systems

• Smart home automation • Power analyzer (Used to monitor and report the voltage consumption, current, power information of the machines.)

• Intelligent LED Drivers (DALI, Wireless, Bluetooth, Voice Controlled)