A Design Studio; CURRENT GROUP METAL basics thrown in 1970 as' a connected R & D Department was established at the site.

Design Studio as a design Besides giving support to our group companies in different disciplines, but also serves the industrial design services to the domestic and overseas companies ..

The technology we have our goal and the society as well as the possibilities of production, by a detailed analysis of the needs of people and the environment, in accordance with the production of the idea of ​​a new product project planning, functional and innovative, human health and safety, the harm to the environment, the user's need and taste to provide the most appropriate way .

develop the most appropriate design ideas for ensuring that a quality production commensurate with the cost of our services makes us the industry in the advantageous position.

As a team design; That considers the needs of users, value-added products in domestic and overseas markets, and to act with the design concept confers competitive advantage is our main goal.

This responsibility with creative ideas and believes in the power-efficient design "best of" We are a company aiming to offer.



This method is indispensable for us designers to create the right content to best support an idea. Each idea is valued and recorded. These ideas that emerged beautifully both speed up and diversify the creative process.

In a short period of time, a large number of emerging ideas are examined in detail and matured.

It is our primary goal to produce originality, creativity and different ideas.


It is the phase in which personal thought, ideas and feelings become visible and become real. At the same time sketches question form and content.

This phase we use as a team is the most basic movement to be applied during the entire design process and at each stage.


As a team of A Design Studio, we are able to solve the production details and make our ideas and products in the virtual environment much more clear in our age when technology and information are developed very fast and continuously.

The 3d modeling and rendering exercises, which are designed with the expertise of our design team and technical expertise, which dominate the main and most advanced modeling programs in the industry, enable us to provide our customers with clearer, higher quality and reliable services.


It is the phase we have designed and we have created the 3D model in the virtual environment and have made the closest proportional shape of the product hand-held before production.

The product we modeled in 3D programs gains volume thanks to our state-of-the-art 3d printers; Detail, scale and proportion can be seen clearly.

Currently we are using 3d printers which can process plastic, carbon, kevlar, metal materials in our world.