Our history


Current Turned Installed

Current Turn, İbrahim Böyet and his sons were founded by Yusuf & Mustafa Böyet in Maltepe Istanbul. Production of the first counter, the 1.5-meter Tos lathe, with 2 additional Metoat Revolver, started with 2 employees.


Moved to Derner Business House

Maltepe Koruma was moved to the Derner İş Han on the road of Dragos by 120 sqm.

First Vending Machine Received

By taking our first vending machine, we were able to produce high number of jobs at low cost.


Grinding Machine Received

Precision parts have also begun to be produced by taking the grinding machine.


8 Processing Counter Capacities Reached

In 1985, since the field of work started to narrow, Kartal Sade Industrial Site moved to 220m2 shop. There were a total of 8 countertop parks.

Started to Work with Arçelik

The first main industry started to work directly with Arçelik, our customer.


Two Pieces of Terex Brand Bench

For the first time, two bench-mounted Tarex machines were installed that can perform more precise work with the hydraulic system from the cam system. It has started to be a successful company that is working in desired production and quality in production.


Separated by Business Division

An additional 220 square meters of shop was added to the production departments to reduce costs and increase quality in production.


Akplas Plastik Kalıp San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Established in Kartal

Akplas Plastik Kalıp San ve Tic Ltd Sti. It was built in Kartal. The first production was a clothes hanger, started with a production machine. Within a year, Arçelik started to produce white goods parts. Bench investments have begun.


Started ISO 9000 Studies

Under the name of Koç 2000 project, ISO 9000 system studies have been started by taking trainings on quality of subcontracting and culture of nonstoks working culture. The number of employees was 70 people.


Akım Metal San ve Tic Ltd Sti. Was established

Current Metal Turning and changing the name of the current Metal Industry and Trade Co. was established.


Production Growth in Kartal

The production in Kartal reached 900 square meters with new additions and a bigger and closer investment was decided with the request of Arçelik.


Akım Metal and Akplas moved to Gebze

Our biggest customer has been operating in Gebze to be closer to Arçelik and to produce just in time (JIT). Akım Metal and Akplas moved from Kartal to Gebze.


Started to Work with Valeo Gebze

Started to work with Valeo Gebze Plant, the first Automotive Customer. The number of employees reached 120.

Plastic Injection Mold Maintenance Started

In the factory, team and machine investments were made for the maintenance of plastic injection molds. The established department formed the foundation of Aksem.

In-plant Automations Started to be Designed and Manufactured

Designing and manufacturing of automation systems started in the framework of cost improvement studies.


First Export

The first export was to France Valeo.

Arçelik'ta Akım Metal 1997 Selected as the Most Successful Auxiliary Industry

In Akçelik, Akım Metal was selected as the most successful subsidiary industry in 1997 and during the year benchmark visits were held to Akım Metal, the most successful and developing auxiliary industry firm in Arçelik's business


Started to Produce Mold and Processing Apparatus

In addition to the Mold Maintenance section, molds and processing apparatuses are being produced.

Serigraphy and Painting Facility Established

Serigraphy and Painting Facility was established in Akplas area. The number of employees reached 300.


Completion of Construction of Salt Run

In the end of 2003, a decision was made to start the construction immediately on 25 acres of Tuzla operation and construction was completed in as short as 8 months.


Aksem Plastic Metal Mold Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. Sti. was Established

Aksam Plastic Metal Mold Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Ltd. Sti. under the name of the company.

Business Activity in Tuzla Passed

The operation in Tuzla was over in September. Akım Metal and Aksem started to operate in this business.


Akım Metal Döküm San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Was Established

Aluminum casting decision was made to lower the cost and to become a more integrated facility. Akım Metal Döküm San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. and aluminum injection production activity was Established.


Extrusion and Blow Molding Production Started in Akplas

Extrusion and blowing production started in Akplas and the number of employees reached 650.


Design Team Created in Akplas

A design team was established in Akplas. As the first product, the dishwasher detergent reservoir was finally started to be patented.


Akım Metal ve Akplas A.Ş. They Were

In July, Akım Metal and Akplas Limited Company are transferred to the joint-stock company structure in order to become an institutional and reliable company.


Arçelik LG Air Conditioner Heat Exchanger Production Line Passed Into Tuzla

The heat exchanger production line in Arçelik LG Klima has been commissioned in Tuzla. With this investment, 1000 employees were reached as Group Companies.


Akplas Automotive Activities Started to Continue Operations in Tuzla

Akplas Automotive started to operate its operations in Tuzla and the number of employees was 1200.

Akım Metal AR-GE Center Established

T. C. Founded by Aktim Metal AR-GE Center with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


Turkey's first domestic have started to work for Aircraft Seat

Turkey, we started the first domestic aircraft seat parts and assembled components for supply.

YMB Teknolojik Ürünler Pazarlama San ve Tic A.Ş. Was Established

2013 YMB Technological Products Marketing San ve Tic A.Ş. was Established.

Top 5 Axis Processing Center Investments

We made our investment in the first 5 Axis machining centers and stepped forward to produce more precise and complex parts.


Turkey's First LED Driver has been produced TSA Takes


3D Metal Sintering Printery Invested


First Overseas Company Curent Metal Srl Kuruldu

Muallimkoy moved to Akplas new plant in Dilovası OSB